When we take time to get to know God more, however we do that, He always meets us. People are able to grow in their experience of God and are transformed.

Taryn from Reading

Transform participant

I felt extremely privileged to have heard from some excellent, experienced speakers, who shared their very personal stories, through easy-to-follow but thought provoking teachings, and who challenged us in our Christian commitment.


Transform participant

“I’m very happy to endorse The Transform ministry.  We’ve very positive memories of the Transform team involvement with us. They are clearly gifted and knowledgeable in evangelism and evangelism training.  They were able to help us see where the opportunities are in everyday life and how to engage people with the gospel.  They were also very generous in the time they gave to us, for which we were very grateful.  Transform was and is a great friend to the church”
Phil Watkins
Grace Community Church, Stevenage

‘The quality teaching covers a good range of topics which impact on how we live as Christians. It stimulated and challenged both those old and new in the faith to grow in understanding and in putting that to use in their everyday lives. I commend it warmly.’

Canon Tony Hurle
St. Paul’s, St. Albans