Transform Vision statement

We train and equip people to see transformation and multiplication of churches and communities.


Transform Mission Statement

  • Value each individual church & community
  • Actively create tailor measured courses for people/churches/communities
  • Learning to love the people in our towns, cities and communities
  • Unifying church activities to reach people
  • Equip and set up outreaches to help transform local communities


The Journey

Our emphasis with Transform is not so much about a program, but about the journey in answering the question ‘What is God asking us to do to reach our local community?’ We have spoken to the leaders of more than 600 churches and an interesting discovery has been made. Almost all have expressed that they don’t know how to successfully ‘disciple’ people and that that was the main hindrance holding their church back from moving forward. We believe that effective discipleship is the key to answering the call of the great commission and history shows that transformation of a community, town, city or nation, always begins with individuals.

Every church body is in a different place with different needs and areas of growth. Together we aim to wrestle with the struggles and questions of your church and hopefully arrive together at a place where you feel equipped to move forward. These are some of the kinds of questions that we would be asking the leadership of your church in order to help facilitate a journey that will foster growth:

• Do you feel your small group/house group leaders are equipped to effectively disciple others?
• What level of investment do you give to your house group/small group leaders?
• Are you regularly seeing people in your congregation transformed?
• Are you seeing local people saved on a regular basis?
• What vision do you have to reach your local community? How many people in the congregation know about that vision?
• Are you strategically looking at how the activities of your church join together to reach that vision?